I have no kittens available anymore. I’ve moved south and will not have kittens available in the New England area. 

Kittens come with first distemper shots and worming. They usually leave the birth home at three, four, or five months old or older. They need the time to start eating and drinking, using the litter box, and get used to living with people and other pets. Sometimes they leave early, but are just starting to use the litter box. 

    I usually place kittens within walking or driving distance of my area in Cambridge, Ma. If you are outside driving distance to my area, I'd prefer that you take the kitten in the airplane cabin with you. Many airlines allow the kitten to go in a small size soft carrier under the seat or between the legs on the floor. You pay a small fee for this service at the airline check-in desk. I'll meet you at a place we both decide on. 
One kitten is $1100 as pet quality. Two kittens together are $950 each as pet quality. To reserve a kitten, I ask for a $100 deposit, or for two kittens, $150 deposit. You get your deposit back, if you don't get a kitten or kittens, because I can't provide them. The deposit is otherwise non refundable. 
I can also get you the cat family several generations' history and non breeder household kitten paper upon request for $150. I get the papers from the Cat Fanciers Association, which stores cat generational histories. I can give you a free copy of the pet parents’ histories upon request. 
Ask me, if you're a breeder wanting a kitten. A breeder kitten comes with the rights to register with the Cat Fanciers Association, CFA. You order your own pedigree papers and generational histories. 

Kristal with kittens

A little boy kitten with his mom.

Kristina, mom cat, in front, with kittens. Kristy, relative cat, in back.

Peter, blue point dad cat, with kittens. Relative cat Harry, sleeping in front.