I breed purebred siamese in the seal point and chocolate point pattern. I have a cattery in the Boston, Ma. area, in Cambridge, Ma, It's about an hour to two hours from surrounding areas in Massachusetts. It's a driveable day trip from Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and other close by New England states. It's also driveable from Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, at about five to ten hours, and states in the midatlantic and east coast area, as well as from some other inland areas.

My cattery ensures a healthy, happy kitten by raising the kitten in the home with other siamese cats. They get the run of the home, including seats on the couch and on the bed. My adult cats, and once in a while, kittens,  get to go outside in the fenced in yard, under my supervision. I'm a long time siamese cat mom, so I have much information about the breed, based on my experiences caring for them throughout their nine lives.

Thanks to Mary Alexander at Blue Gem Siamese in northern Massachusetts for my first breeder female. Thanks to Robin Jordan in Rhode Island for my first breeder male. Kristina Kate is from Rebecca Kopp at Blue Eyed Six in Pennsylvania.These breeders worked for a long time and are now retired. I had my first litter in 2007 and started producing cattery kittens from them, and from my new breeding kittens. I get my purebred breeder cats from siamese cat breeders, as well as from myself. I register my kittens and cats through the Cat Fanciers Association. 


Thanks to Gerlinda at Gerlinda.com for the artistry she added to my site. 

Blue point Pete.