The siamese cat originated in the former Siam, which is now Thailand. English diplomats and others got the cats from Siam royalty as a gift. They brought the cats to England and Australia and then to the US. The siamese cat is probably mixed in with other american breeds to produce the cat with the blue eyes and pretty furr pattern. The siamese often have the characteristic point pattern, with a darker color on the ears, face, lower leg and paws, and tail. The seal point cat has black points in these areas. The blue point has blue points in these areas.

I originally chose this breed, because I knew of its popularity. I also liked the cat's appearance, with the blue eyes, point pattern, and physique. The siamese is within the top 3 or 5 most popular cat breeds in the US and is very intelligent, full of heart, domesticated, and hard working. My cats have been and continue to be wonderful pet companions. The lifespan of a cat is about twenty years. The world's oldest cats are even living up to 30 or more years.